Week 2: Eros Line to the Left and Right

Line Moves Seminar: Week 2


Eros Lines
are very difficult and require a high degree of ability. However, even if your ability is not quite up to par, it's always good to practice them. Eros Lines require the ultimate combination of balance, strength, and flexibility within the partnership, especially if you want to dance them with as little tension between the partners as possible... which is, of course, the goal in Ballroom Dancing.

Think of Eros Lines like the quintessential cupid:

This is why they're called Eros Lines. The lady is taken into a Hover position, but with a swifter upward momentum from the man's hip, therefore lifting her leg back and up into a back attitude. Eros Lines can be danced to the man's left (therefore lifting the lady's leg leg) or to the man's right (therefore lifting the lady's right leg).

Eros Line to the Left

The first Line we worked on today was the Eros Line to the Left. This, you will remember, is called Eros Line because of the line of the back leg, in attitude, created by the swift upward momentum of the man's hip through the lady's body, causing her to lift her leg up and back. The knee should remain bent. As the lady extends her left leg back and up, she should continue to keep her left side forward to the man. There will be a deep curve in her back as she extends her upper back and head out over her hips as much as she can without affecting her balance. The goal is to maintain connection with the man's body from the bottom of the lady's sternum, through her centre, and into her hips. The lady should not tilt her hips up and back away from the man, but look as flat on the front as possible. Head is looking far left, as if trying to see her own foot. 

Enter into the Eros Line to the Left from a Reverse turning figure, the same as you would enter a Hover or Hover with Develope

Sample Amalgamation
Natural Spin Turn
456 Reverse Turn
Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot
123 Reverse Turn
Eros Line to the Left (6 counts)
Ronde Fallaway 

Eros Line to the Right

The same rules that applied to the Eros Line to the Left also apply to the Eros Line to the Right. Except, this time, the lady will lift her right foot as she extends away from the man, turning her head into Promenade

Sample Amalgamation
Natural Spin Turn
456 Reverse Turn
Open Telemark
Eros Line to the Right
Rise to Promenade
Chasse from Promenade

Additional Notes

1. A great way for the lady to practice the Eros Line to the Left and Right is to hold onto a wall or chair for support (please not your partner!) and with her free hand, hold her leg by the knee. Then wrap the leg around and back, hold, and try to let go of the 3rd party support. 
2. If the lady feels a twinge or a cramp in her lower back or gluteus medius, this is completely normal. Those muscles are not used to being worked like that.
3. Girls, please remember to rise onto the toe of your supporting foot and to point the toe of your extending foot.
4. Boys, the girls need your hips! Make sure to keep your hips up and forward to us (as long as you do not hunch your posture) in order to give us extra support!

A great picture to keep in mind when developing your Eros Lines, or in other words, your back attitudes:

Please note how her leg is extended up and back, bending at the knee, but the hips are kept forward, not allowing the pelvis to tilt up and back (away from the gentleman if there was one). Because this is a ballet line, her head is obviously not extended as it would be in a Ballroom Promenade line, and neither is she in frame. But I hope this suffices in giving you the correct idea. I was unable to find a picture of a good Eros Line, despite all my searching, but if I do find one, I will be sure to add it to this post at a later date.


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